Unexpected Plans of Destiny

Unexpected Plans of Destiny

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He yanked my body back to him as I was about leave. My soft body collapsed into his hard rock one. Shivers ran down my spine along the dancing butterflies in my tummy. My knees felt numb and who body stiff. Something sharp was pulling my lower lip eagerly, chewing it. 

Oh my god! He is kissing me!

He is kissing me! His lips moved in a fast pace. He trickily slipped his tongue into my mouth and swirled his tongue, tasting every corner of my mouth. His hands sensually moved down, from my back to my lower waist.

I can't breath!

I pulled out as I gasps for air. He was panting and so was I. He joined our foreheads together and kissed the corner of my lips. 

NEVER.EVER! Walk away from me! He dangerously whispered into my ear, his soft lips touching my earlobe. Electrifying shocks were constantly travelling down my spine as I felt his warm breath fanning on my earlobe and neck. 


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Smiley876 Smiley876 Feb 24, 2016
Wow! looks amazing.Prologue is really intense..Man really tood good.Wonder how he became so possessive of her ;)..Eager to read part 1 post soon dear :D
                              P.S - LOVE U LOTS FOR WRITING THIS STORY :D
jiabhansal jiabhansal Mar 02, 2016
Srsly? If you don't like them why do u even bother flirting with them?