The nerd has a gun

The nerd has a gun

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Crystal King

Crystal was just a nerd. Everyone thought that she was. She looked like a nerd and played the part. But what no one knew was that she is a badass after school. She is a gang leader. She and her gang are top gang ever gang fears her gang and her. She is 16 tattoos and piercings. Nothing could stand in her way. Or so she thought.

Conor Hood

He was the badass but what happens if he gets overthrown. He is  16, Jock and one of the schools hotties. He then started to like Crystal he never showed it. But then they started to get close. What if he found out her secret? Would he blow it? Or keep it?  What would happen if he broke down her walls? Would they become closer or drift apart?

Jemma King

She is Crystals sister. She acts like a nerd just like her. Everyone thought that. She is in the same gang as her sister. She was a badass after school to. She is 16 has tattoos and piercings. She never had any friends in school it was her, Chloe, Carter, Riley and her sister forever. She never talked only when she had to. 

Chloe Blake

She is in Crystals gang. She acts like a nerd just like Jemma and Crystal they always where best friends. Just the 5 of them. She is 16 tattoos and piercings just like everyone else. She never talked to anyone only when she had to. 

Carter White 

He is in Crystals gang. He is a nerd in school and a badass after. He is 16 he has tattoos and piercings. It was always the gang forever. He was the teachers pet. He has a crush on Jemma. He never talked only to his friends Jemma,Chloe,Carter,Riley and Crystal. 

Riley Levin 

He is in Crystals gang. He was a nerd and never talked to anyone. He was a badass after school. He is 16 he has tattoos and piercings. He never talked only to his friends. He was a teachers pet.

Nico Levin

He is like a father to everyone in Crystals gang. He sets up fights and races. He 26. He has tattoos and piercings.He is Riley dad he keeps everyone's secret for them he knows they are nerds at school.

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justanormalbadgirl justanormalbadgirl Oct 30, 2017
Ik this is random but on the synopsis of the book it says rileys dad is 26 which means he had her at 10. I'm sorry but wtf. How da hell u be having a child at 10 fücking years old sooooooo confuzzled
TheManiacsIn TheManiacsIn Jun 02, 2017
When you have every item that this pic includes apart from the crop top.. THAT IS WEIRD AF
Officiallycrazy Officiallycrazy Mar 17, 2016
😂😂 their bestfriend goals. He pushed his gf out the way. I died😂
Darby_Velez Darby_Velez Feb 16, 2017
- - Dec 29, 2016
:D I like them already. From the moment she didn't want to leave her bed I fell in love with her character. She's perfect. 😭❤❤😂😂😂😆
Dani_5sos_ Dani_5sos_ Dec 28, 2016
"Do you want me to shoot and stab you?" I asked her.   (Sorry its was bothering me I'll try not to correct but it's my OCD kicking in)