Your Thoughts  (Phan AU)

Your Thoughts (Phan AU)

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Tol bean and Smol Bean By Maaaaaaarge Completed

In a world where soul mates exist , a person can hear the thoughts of their soul mate; however, if your soul mate rejects you can no longer hear his or her thoughts. 

Dan Howell didn't want a soul mate, so he rejected his soul mate as soon as he could. He can still hear his soul mate's thoughts, but is persistent to ignore them. 

What Dan doesn't know is that when fate makes a decision one simply doesn't avoid it.

Mentions of: swearing, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hurt, angst, fear, fatal illness, death (will add more as the story progresses)

oh I  just realized lit is for literature and not the cool teen slang
The story is really good! I just have one question, why can't Phil hear Dan's thoughts? Sorry if you already explained it.
I would rate this story( out of all of the fan fictions i have read) one of the top 5
sorry! just, there's a typo. it should say you're, not your in the soulmate sentence. thanks!
Maaaaaaarge Maaaaaaarge Feb 27
Thank you! Just posted two chapters in one day. I hope it satisfies you.
sophie9630 sophie9630 Mar 08
Maaaaaarge, you are a great writer :)
                              I'm enjoying this immensely.