Kik 2 (Camren)

Kik 2 (Camren)

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*One month later* 

Camila's POV

Camilacabello97: I miss you :( 

LaurenJauregui: I miss you too, babe.

Camilacabello97: It's hard.. 

Camilacabello97: I wish you were here. It feels weird without you here with me :( 

LaurenJauregui: Yeah, same :/ 

LaurenJauregui: I'm gonna try to visit you sometime, though. Hopefully next month. 

Camilacabello97: Alright. 

Camilacabello97: Well, anyway I have to go. My dad is making me go somewhere with him, sorry but I'll text you later okay? 

LaurenJauregui: Yeah, okay. Bye, babe. 

Camilacabello97: Bye xx 


"Why did you bring me here?" I asked once I got out of the car. 

"Because, I thought that since you're here, you might as well try to make some money. So, I got you a job." My dad explained, happily. 

"A job?" I said, shocked. 

"Yep. From now on, you will be working here." My dad said. 

"What?" My eyes widened. 

"Yeah. Your partner should be somewhere around here," My dad said, then walked off to find my partner. 

I scoffed and r...

Why in every fan fic do the girls have a need to make camila or Lauren go out it always goes wrong just let her be 😒😒😧😧
*jumps into off a cliff into a pool of tears and start prying in the corner of my room
KariHansen-Kordei KariHansen-Kordei Apr 10, 2016
I gotta bad feeling about this.....LAUREN DO. NOT. CHEAT!!!!!! I. WILL. SMACK. THE CRAP. OUTTA YOU!!!!!! Or cry
ssweetjauregui_ ssweetjauregui_ Jun 27, 2016
When Lauren was saying her voice was all high pitched a bit and it was soo cute ughhh😫
probablybreah probablybreah Jun 18, 2016
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kwynn1229 kwynn1229 Jun 21, 2016
Alright. Just finished the first one and I'm fighting back tears so let's go