[On Hiatus] Depressed! Reader x Nagisa Shiota x Akari Yukimura

[On Hiatus] Depressed! Reader x Nagisa Shiota x Akari Yukimura

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Pile of Trash By JoyLove611 Updated Jul 16

What happens when you drop down into class E-3?

Date: February 13, 2016 - Not gonna happen

Editing: February 15, 2016 - It will never end 'cause I'm the worst writer on this god forsaken website

ew the covers all angsty looking dont let that fool you lol

My internet's is kind of slow right now... but when I started reading this paragraph... the song started to play.
mew_mew_fluff_u mew_mew_fluff_u 7 days ago
My dad and I have been playing a very interesting game of  hide and seek for 13 years ಥuಥ I'm really bad at seeking
my dad left when I was 2 because of divorce, i hate him because after 11 years he decides to be a father
Fire_claw04 Fire_claw04 Sep 25, 2016
Is it funny that i used to count till 500 just to calm me down?
YaBoiBudo YaBoiBudo Feb 11
My dad got kicked out the house. He was hurting my mum. I was only, lets say, 8 when that happend...but we git over it. But he lives close by.
MysticOmo MysticOmo Jul 22, 2016
What a coincidence my dad left/divorce us When I was half born :') he want me to stay with him now that I'm 13 XD now I'm away from them both XD