Yandere Karma X Nagisa

Yandere Karma X Nagisa

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Kawaii~♡ By AnimeOhtakuforlife Completed

A one shot involving a yandere karma and an innocent nagisa and lemon. Please no hate and this might be crap for your information. YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

P.S.:If contains rape!

Don't like don't read!

Disclaimer:I do not own Karma and Nagisa or the picture or anything else except the plot of this non-profit fanfiction.

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Ding dong I know you can hear me open up the door. I love hide and seek by vocaloid
AkaManami AkaManami Mar 20, 2017
Okay. We start perfect.
                              Sorry about my poor english —I talk spanish—
I wish you would’ve made it a book
                              It would’ve been so good😫
YandereQuin YandereQuin Dec 16, 2017
I think Korosensei will still doubt that XD. After all it's Korosensei XD
Galactikk Galactikk Sep 07, 2017
"Limp penis"
                              This made me laugh- this is why you use dick or cock-
xmeli79x xmeli79x Jul 28, 2017
I friking love yandere yoai rape i don't support it in real life its just a *Kink* of mine 😏😏