Psych Ward (Yandere!Naruto!Male!Various x Male!Reader x Naruto!Male!Various)

Psych Ward (Yandere!Naruto!Male!Various x Male!Reader x Naruto!Male!Various)

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YF-Chan By otaku_209 Updated May 08

[Male Name] [Last Name] is a young man, fresh out of college with a degree for psychology and medicine. Ever since a long time friend of his, by the name of Naruto Uzumaki had been admitted into the {not so} local mental hospital for "hearing a voice in his head" [Male Name] has yearned to help out other victims, knowing that deep down inside, they were kind ─ just like Naruto was.

The treatment that patients get is that of an animal, and [Male Name] wants to prove, that they were just as human as the nurses and janitors. However, that was a grave mistake.  Many of the people who had been caged away from humans like [Male Name], took a dangerous liking to him. And they would do anything to keep him their's. Maybe the inhumane behavior bestowed upon them was for a good reason.

But what none of the patients knew, was that [Male Name] had a dark past of his own.

He got that because of the Kurama! Poor little naruto! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
WantSomeCake WantSomeCake 4 days ago
Zarine212 Zarine212 May 31
😂😂😂😂 serves him right for perving on the poor man !! 😂😂 I can already imagine him glaring daggers because of this !!
Zarine212 Zarine212 May 31
While the others find this hot..idk why I feel horrified and sad at the same time ! 😫😔😨
Omg that happened once. It had a border, it fell off my wall slid down under the headboard of my bed, and landed underneath my bed. I never bothered to put it back up, I just hung more posters
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U did a great job with the research and forming it into a story !! 👏👏👏