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The girl next door (travis valcrumx reader) (book one)

The girl next door (travis valcrumx reader) (book one)

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Bella Is Trash By bellabear0311 Completed

Y/N's PoV-
I pulled into a house that was larger than I expected but i just sighed and open the door of my car. I looked to my left to see a guy with white hair smirking at me............ Wait where is his shirt! It took me a second but I realized he was checking me out. "Like what ya see?" I ask flaunting my dark grey crop top and black high waisted shorts. " I haven't seen you around here..... You must be new, I'm guessing your nobody, cause i heard someone say nobody's perfect." He said winking at me. "Wrong. My name is i gotta, also known as i gotta unpack so bye." I replied while opening the trunk of my car. I picked up a box and looked back to see the man still there smirking at me. "What do you want?" I say putting the box back down. "I want to know your name..." He said still smirking. "My name is Y/N, now go away so i can unpack." I say picking up the box again and walking to the front door. "Well Y/N, now that i know your name, ill help you unpack." The man said carrying a bo...

InvalidMelon InvalidMelon Aug 16, 2016
Boi. Yeah man... That will TOTALLY keep Travis away... Man my character is so annoying. Wow. I'm just horrible today.
PhanTheCrystalGem PhanTheCrystalGem Sep 13, 2016
I sing then sit and thibk sbout life....1 hour later im still sitting😂
_I_ShipIt_ _I_ShipIt_ Jun 24, 2016
I sing, talk to myself, and plan YouTube videos!
                              (I suck at singing!)
Person1212HiHi Person1212HiHi Jun 15, 2016
I make up conversations with my crush that have -1% chance of happening
Awkward_Amethyst Awkward_Amethyst Apr 10, 2016
How I'm I not dizzy from rolling my eyes so much. (Hit you in the back of the head with logic)
Omg when travis said "I picked the lock" I burst out laughing and woke EVERYONE up in my house and I am 1 of 4 sisters and 2 brothers and my mom and dad