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Garmau One Shots

Garmau One Shots

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Shadow By ishxdowi Updated Mar 01

I write a lot of different types of fanfic; I write some song fics, cross over-ish type stuff, MCD, MyStreet, AU, Random silly ones and some sad ones. I like pulling on people's heart strings XD

Secretly (but not actually secretly) hoping that Aphmau reads my fanfics🤗

I own none of the characters etc., all credz to Aphmau (Notice me senpia❤️ •3•) my suggestions (if you ever read this @u@) are I've McFallen for you (the second one, it's better) and Panic! At the campfire ❤️

I do swear in here, more later on than in the beginning but I swear and I don't care if you think it's wrong and tell me to stop, I'll still do it. Sorry not sorry

I've been writing less lately because my life has been a walking trash can so sorry (not really)

Don't hate, if you don't ship Garmau(or any other ship aswell) and just came here to tell me and my readers that we're wrong, good for you, your even less of a person because in the end, it's a ship! It matters to us but it doesn't need to start an argument! If you wanna start crap then find somewhere other than here! NOT IN MY HOUSE!

Aarmau has been getting a lot of hate lately so I just want to say (and I do say in the stories aswell) but I DO NOT hate Aarmau, it's not my otp but I didn't write this to trash Aarmau! Yes, Aaron does play the antagonist in some of the stories but that's only because it helps kinda match up the stories to Aphmaus videos so that they somewhat connect.

I'm an asexual that writes live stories.... ok....

I mean, that's pretty obvious with the way Garroth states she has a boyfriend. Just saying. Oh...? No one cares...? Ok I'll just go back to my corner...
TheNerdyGamer TheNerdyGamer Jul 02, 2016
"Then I killed my him." umm, author~chan, what does that mean?
LilacWritingPryde LilacWritingPryde Nov 02, 2016
And she should have given Laurance a chance. How many times did he save her life. Twice maybe Thrice
LilacWritingPryde LilacWritingPryde Nov 02, 2016
Lily looks like Aaron in future prob
                              Levin looks like Garroth
                              Malachi looks like (da sexy beast) Laurance
Maren-Emilie Maren-Emilie Apr 02, 2016
Now im almost crying ;-; when Gar Gar isn't happy, nobody is.
- - Oct 29, 2016
                              (Not fangirling over the word meep, I just calling it home)