Garmau One Shots

Garmau One Shots

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Read the title!

I own nothing, all to Aphmau (Notice me senpia❤️ •3•)

I don't know the owner of the cover, if you know who's it is, and please be truthful because I will check, message me so I can slap some credz in here.

I do swear in here, more later on than in the beginning but I swear and I don't care if you think it's wrong and tell me to stop, I'll still do it.

I've been writing less lately because my life has been a walking trash can so sorry (not really)

Don't hate, if you don't ship Garmau and just came here to tell me and my readers that we're wrong, good for you, your even less of a person because in the end, it's a ship! It matters to us but it doesn't need to start an argument! If you wanna start crap then find somewhere other than here!

"Then I killed my him." umm, author~chan, what does that mean?
And she should have given Laurance a chance. How many times did he save her life. Twice maybe Thrice
Lily looks like Aaron in future prob
                              Levin looks like Garroth
                              Malachi looks like (da sexy beast) Laurance
CakeyReads CakeyReads Aug 26
Kevin didn't really had to be adopted have you seen him? IS GARROTH 2.0
Now im almost crying ;-; when Gar Gar isn't happy, nobody is.
I didn't know where this Aarmau stuff was going and then this happened and I'm like 😅😅😅