Body Art (Narry AU)

Body Art (Narry AU)

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codie By irishbabie Updated Jan 25

❝Your body is like a canvas.❞

Or where Niall Horan's body is covered in freckles and he's pretty insecure about it but, then a boy named Harry Styles comes along and makes him feel like art. 

idea from: @raveling
copyright © 2016 by irishbabie

nefariously nefariously Sep 05, 2016
Wtf, I don't know anyone like this im have freckles, but they aren't directly visible. I am so happy to show everyone.
giddygiggles giddygiggles Sep 05, 2016
Freckles are something I've always been envious of. Two of my sisters, and two of my brothers have freckles and they're all so beautiful and i get really jealous of it. I wish I had freckles :"(
nefariously nefariously Sep 05, 2016
Some guys like glance at me as I take my shirt off so I get scared to take my trousers of in there unless everyone is gone.
nefariously nefariously Sep 05, 2016
Three ways to solve a problem; cry about it, ignore it or solve it.
nefariously nefariously Sep 05, 2016
Just tell them like I do. If this isn't your cup of tea, then pour a new cup and sip that shît elsewhere.
Larry_4_life_1021 Larry_4_life_1021 Aug 20, 2016
Honestly I hate the locker rooms they are uncomfortable and there is no privacy, I refused to change because of it and an now repeating the 11th grade!