Yaoi! Hetalia (Lemons)

Yaoi! Hetalia (Lemons)

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indigoflamingo By indigoflamingo Updated Jun 19, 2015

Little one-shots that fly around my head. Feel free to suggest a pairing, my one and only goal is to please my readers after all <3

If you request, please keep in mind that offering a scenario, plot line, or theme with your pairing will help me write faster! 

Thank you! xox 

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Da_G_Ee Da_G_Ee 5 days ago
Can you do Germany x Romano?
                              I’m not sure about the story line but maybe Romano or Germany got drunk and boom, one night stand?
Zens_Eyelash Zens_Eyelash Dec 26, 2016
Can you please do an Ameripan? 
                              As for the story line uh. 
                              America and Japan have liked each other for a while now. One day Japan invites America over to idk maybe watch anime. During it America decides to make the first move.
APH_Evillious APH_Evillious May 19, 2016
Please do a Romania x Prussia, where Romania is a real vampire and he is planning on turning Prussia into a vampire too
AspenDykens AspenDykens May 08, 2016
Could you do Punk!Ameica x Nerd!Canada? I would really love that ^_^
- - Feb 23, 2016
Can you maybe add a FrCan? ( France x Canada ) Maybe if Canada was tired of being ignored and tried to do something to get France's attention and it works? But maybe not with the same kind of attention Canada wanted in the first place.
KikuHonda69 KikuHonda69 Dec 03, 2015
Japan X south Italy,at Japan's house Germany and north Italy walk in on them since the axis meeting was at his house.
                              It started because Japan decided to pull Lovi's curl "not knowing what it does". XD pllzzzzz!