all of the stars [phan-completed]

all of the stars [phan-completed]

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allie By asteroid-s Completed

"he looked up, and fell in love all over again with the idea of a happy ending."

[in which dan howell misses phil lester, and he just wants him back]


lowercase intentional 
inspired by "all of the stars" by ed sheeran
trigger warnings: character death, self harm, suicide

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romantique- romantique- Mar 13, 2017
you are all so important and beautiful and wonderful, please stay safe.
a-fangirl-trying a-fangirl-trying Sep 12, 2017
I know this is gonna hurt my pheels and I'm probs gonna cry but I know I'll just keep reading
whitechemicalkitten whitechemicalkitten Aug 18, 2017
one million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile
-scentedcandles -scentedcandles Mar 12, 2017
the fault in our stars song by troye sivan just legit came up on my spotify. what the actual heck?
starryphil starryphil Jul 31, 2017
                              lasting for a very short time.
                              "fashions are ephemeral"
                              synonyms:	transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short; More
imakebadpuns imakebadpuns Mar 05, 2017
i came here to have a good time and honestly i feel so attacked right now