Venom || Cobra/Erik x Reader

Venom || Cobra/Erik x Reader

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Jeanne By FanfictionXR Completed

(Y/N) (L/N) doesn't know where she came from or what her destiny is in life, but what she does know is that she holds a power that unlocks something. All the dark guilds want her and will do anything to obtain the power within her, especially the Oracion Seis who end up succeeding in her capture. 

What happens when betrayals are made and an earth-shattering secret is revealed that could destroy the small amount of sanity the world has left?

{Mature Content}

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CainisLupis CainisLupis Sep 09, 2017
I love your books. They inspired my to write one  of my own. I would appreciate it if you could read it.
ShadowWolfOfMusic ShadowWolfOfMusic Dec 29, 2017
Yin and yang the symbol of Balance between the light and the dark it lives in all of us some may have more light or dark but always seem to come to a balance... And that is my life lol
CheyenneSutton266 CheyenneSutton266 Dec 07, 2017
Damn not even two seconds in the story and already I see a mind blowing question
ShadowWolfOfMusic ShadowWolfOfMusic Dec 29, 2017
I know the last thought it was ' how dare they Make me waste food I could have eaten my snack then you could knock me out *sniffles* my food :'(
SugaTaeAndJamKookies SugaTaeAndJamKookies Jun 24, 2017
I notice A LOT of relations. And it just makes me grin so big.
BringBackMaes14 BringBackMaes14 May 29, 2017
So, I'm bipolar... I'm glad the character is being true to my actual life... 😫