Game of Lies: Light x Reader

Game of Lies: Light x Reader

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Fangirl Trash By Galaxy-Claws Updated Apr 29

When criminals were too wicked or malicious, you were always the one to delve out justice, no matter what the cost. You were the one protecting others for what the criminals could do to them.

But ever since you've heard of Kira, you've had to work under much tenser conditions.

Now, it is nearly impossible to bring justice to the suffering people in the cities, and there is a chance that you could be killed for all that you have done.

But not all is bad. You have recently met someone who shares a similar will for justice. His name is Light Yagami.

And through everything he's talked to you about, you have been able to use him as much as he seems to be using you.

Will everything work out once the Kira case has blown over?

Or could your fears come to pass?

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Nuuuuuu I wanna read AoT!!! I'm literally going to put on AoT mantas on my Christmas wish list XD 1,000,000,000,000
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Nop. I don't trust you rn. I feel like she's going to be given away.
I do that too!
                              I way prefer it if they create their own character because I have about... zero imagination?