In Omnia Paratus (AU) - Book 2

In Omnia Paratus (AU) - Book 2

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megan. By Claraandthedoctor Updated Nov 28

Jenna's been through the rough. She isn't coping very well these days and friends and family are struggling to get through to her. 

"I did this wrong. I did this all wrong. Maisie, Richard, everything...How could I have let this happen?" 

"How did I not see this coming? How didn't I step in and do something, and..." 

"Why can't I fix these things?" 

"I don't know if I'll ever be the person I was this time last year."

Things aren't looking good until... Well you'll have to read to find that out.

Man I just lost the ability to use my favorite meme (the Leo DiCaprio has no Oscar one) and now ur gonna drop this on me??
I've got a bad feeling about that phone call. I'm also finding it hard to dislike Molly. Why must she be so damn nice?