Committing Myself to Him (ManxMan, incest)

Committing Myself to Him (ManxMan, incest)

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Yuki is a 18 year old boy with bright red hair and beautiful green eyes. He also has something that makes him stand out from the others. Yuki is a little neko with red ears and a red fluffy tail. He has no memory of his past. The only thing he remembers is living in is little cage with the man he never learns the name of. The day comes when the man puts the little neko up for auction to make big money. 

Shion, a 25 year old man, gets a message from his buddy saying that a neko is going up for auction. Shion gets curious and goes to the auction. When Yuki comes on stage Shion's mouth dropped. There up on the stage is Shion's long lost little brother, but Shion doesn't want Yuki as a little brother anymore. Shion wants Yuki as his little slave to submit to his every order, but will the little innocent Yuki submit to Shion's every desire?


staz0star staz0star Mar 11, 2016
oh my god this is just the cutest story ever i love. please update
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Jun 19, 2016
That is so yummy here in Japan they call it I think Chicken bowl if I translate it right🍜🍲
UpstartBuckle09 UpstartBuckle09 Oct 04, 2016
I can never get over how cute that picture looks! It's freaking adorable!
DemAsses DemAsses Jun 09, 2016
I can imagine a red neko holding the short of a gray hairded man cry
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Jun 19, 2016
CUTE can you tell me were to get him I'm in Japan right now😂😍
_Galaxy-Boy_ _Galaxy-Boy_ Mar 06, 2016
I love your stories so much! I can't wait for you to update this one ^~^ <3