The Sociopath (Levi x Reader)

The Sociopath (Levi x Reader)

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Lucy By toffy59 Updated Jul 08, 2017

(Y/N) is the greatest pirate and most known among the people living outside of the walls. (She/He) is a sociopath that loves extravagant objects such as the people living in the walls or a certain stoic man.
Levi and the gang have finally been able to reach the sea. Instead of being greeted with happiness and hope they are greeted by a pirate ship and an eccentric sociopath.

Anyone can read this story! (Meaning any gender).

I don't own the characters or anime.

Please don't steal my idea.

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- - Nov 01, 2017
Yeah. It happens because of all the lemons ive read and yaoi ive read as well.
Frogs1444 Frogs1444 Sep 04, 2017
I like how the reader wears the pants in the relationship. It's nice😏😏
ggisreal331 ggisreal331 Jul 24, 2017
Actually hanji gender is not specified so hanji you be a female or male. When the anime was created (since EVERY anime is created from mange) the creater, I forgot his name) requested that hanji gender was never specified so they portrayed them as a genderless human.
AppleCubes AppleCubes Oct 09, 2017
WELL THANK YOU , that my boy is the result of reading Lemons&Yaoi stories
Bitch_On_Period Bitch_On_Period Oct 23, 2017
I can see a woman talking to Levi and I just walk up to Levi and pick him up, glare at the girl and say " Mine bitch "
DaughterOfNyx1 DaughterOfNyx1 Aug 10, 2017
the only thing I'm wondering is why Levi isn't objecting or getting mad at being called princess