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"You used to be a what?"

"As of today I used to be a pornstar"

In which a young boy seeks sexual pleasure from a retired pornstar

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PizzaKings PizzaKings Apr 28
Sex isn't a sin unless it's not in marriage (that's what I've been thought about this versus) no hate
Listen God will still love you if your not a virgin anymore.... just ask for forgiveness.
Jainaie Jainaie Sep 19
Premarital sex, Fornication, Adultery and Lust are forms of Sin. Sex itself isn't a Sin.
People in this world are crazy and they do be selling their virginity. 💵💵💵
That is not true I mean you are not supposed to have sex until you are married
Blxckerish Blxckerish Dec 31, 2016
*Nobody  @duckymomolife lol it's  really stupid but it's just apart of all the other stupid stuff in this world. We just gotta learn to block certain things like that out