One Daunting Night

One Daunting Night

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Erin By AppleJuiceErin Updated Mar 07, 2015


(This story is horrifying and horrible I dearly suggest you never open in because not only is it written terribly, everything about it makes me cringe. A lot.) 

All it took was one night, a party, a special drug and an insanely incredible smell that dragged Xander up into Arabella's room. It only took a jump to reach the open window sill of Ara's bedroom. It also didn't take long for Xander to rape Ara than leave her crying, broken on her bed. But it'll take nine months - or more - for him to realize what he had done.   
*WARNING; Contains Swearing and Non-detailed rape scene. This is unedited. If my story is taken, I will personally tell you off and report you. I have not published this story until the 12th of June, 2013 but have been draft-writing it since the 20th of June, and will probably upload a chapter a day or a week. If you do not like my story, please do not send your hateful comments as they are a waste of time. Thank you, hope you enjoy!*    

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