Zero | hes

Zero | hes

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In which a girl falls tragically in love with the world's most psychotic killer.

And the world's most psychotic killer falls tragically in love with a girl. 


"This is dangerous." I say, gripping harder onto the seat as I felt the car go above 80mph.

He takes out his gun and looks at me "Oh baby girl, you haven't seen dangerous yet."

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©lullabyes- // 2016

started: February 26, 2016
finished: November 19, 2017

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moon24blue moon24blue Oct 31
How do you just toss somone ammo in front of the police though? 😝
moon24blue moon24blue Oct 31
Who's Dylan exactly??
                              And where's the body?/who's is it? 👀
karhartx karhartx Jul 15, 2016
this is going to sound stupid but how do you add he characters at the end of the chapter? is it done on computer?
harryslover22 harryslover22 Jul 07, 2016
I'm prob gonna be falling off my bed a lot while reading this
hoerizons hoerizons May 18, 2016
I'm an idiot for coming here so late after your request, sorry
macklemcvey macklemcvey Apr 22, 2016
the 'love, laughter, pain and death' sentence got me hooked already