the pariah ↠ bellamy blake

the pariah ↠ bellamy blake

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c h a r l o t t e By virtualcharlie Updated Nov 03, 2016

❝Blood must have blood.❞

Grounders believe in that one sentence. They let it rule their choices, their lives even.
It has always been their way of life and it probably always will be.

But are there children scared of death and brutality? There is one.

This is Valika's story about being a pariah within her people's walls and beyond them.

When the one part of her life she thought of as a constant is taken away by intruders, the once so scared grounder changes. The change doesn't only scare her, it rules her. 

One sentence starts ruling her life.

❝My people's blood will be answered by the enemy's blood.❞

Can her people stop her? Can her friend stop her? 
Or is it in the hands of the enemy to prove her wrong and save her broken soul?

[season 1 + grounder culture & aspects from season 1-3]

TW // torture

edit (1/3/2018): i wrote this when i was 14 so please bare with me here lol. i'm currently thinking of rewriting this as the story contains a (in my opinion) toxic relationship that i feel is highly romanticized.

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I read vanilla and I just paused like uhh I don’t think that’s right😹😹