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Her Underage Mistake...(18+) #Wattys2016

Her Underage Mistake...(18+) #Wattys2016

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Nov 18, 2016

I was pushed against the white board that I use to write the class assignments. My hands were pinned above my head with one hand while his free one slowly went down the curve of my body. His warm breath causing havoc on my ear and insides causing my breathing to become hitched.

"I love how you react to me baby. I can tell how much you want me...just as much as I want you." his husky voice sends chills down my spine while it moistens my center. It seems like I can't control the way my body functions while he's around me.

His hand lowers reaching under my skirt leaving a scorching trail as it settles on my core. 

He slips his hand under my panties and slowly plays with my clit causing me to felt so unashamedly good.

"Mmm baby, you are so wet. I like that my pu**y is wet for me." he whispers as he slides a finger inside my aching core. 

"S-stop...we shouldn' shou-." but to shut me up his fingers started pumping in and out of me as he held me against the wall. He knew once he did that I was a goner.

I began to moan which only encouraged him and I internally cursed at myself for enjoying it.

"Cum for me baby, I want to feel your cum on my fingers so I can then taste how sweet you are." he rasped pumping faster not taking long for me to come undone.

"There you go baby. Release it for me." he cooed as I came. Pulling his hand out he turned me around so I can watch him lick his fingers covered in my juices.

"You taste so f'ing good baby." then assaulted my lips with his tasting myself on them.

Arabella Mendez:  23 yrs old, Sweet, Caring, Reserved and fresh out of College with her Degree in Education

Ander Mattson: 18 yrs old, Good Looking, Careless, Wild Bad Boy who is graduating from High School at the end of the school year

She's his new teacher while he's the Bad Boy who has made her his obsession. Will she give into his advances? Or keep it strictly a Teacher/Student relationship?

Find out if their Forbidden Affair can pass or fail...

I'm going to assume this is a 1D reference cause I miss them so much.
I've done everything she's said no to, except for the sex part (idk why but sex is like scary af for me. It freaks me out lol )
Ariel_underthesea23 Ariel_underthesea23 Dec 13, 2016
Oh lord there goes my little self respect . get your sweet ass over here boy
NetflixNChilll NetflixNChilll Dec 21, 2016
How about if that other guy is you...never thought of that have you?
Tattooed-Mistress Tattooed-Mistress Oct 30, 2016
He's a werewolf and it his mate... That would make it possible
Synamin2000 Synamin2000 Dec 22, 2016
From this I can tell that I'll need to go to church after this story