Moon Dust  ➵ a.b

Moon Dust ➵ a.b

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photographer By rioxxt Updated Nov 25, 2016

"I'm trying to figure out what you are." She spoke timidly. 

"What am I, Aria?" His deep voice spoke gruffly inching his way forward. 

She tremble slightly. Her fist curled into a ball trying effortlessly to suppress her fear. 

A whirl of wind blew causing her sweet aroma to fill the foggy air. Andy inhaled deeply, his eyes shutting momentarily before reopening them. 

Aria glanced around searching for any stray pedestrians strolling through the woods. Catching her off guard, Andy appeared right in front of her. Her breathing hitched as her back hit the tree trunk lightly. 

He leaned forward burying his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent once more. 

"Mmm you smell so sweet baby. Mind if I try a bite?" He spoke lowly, smirking. 


Aria's first day at a small town high school in Washington seemed normal until she comes in contact with Andy. She was intrigued by him and his mysterious nature, but she has no clue of his deep dark secrets.


Alternate Universe. 

Rated R for graphic content: 
• sexual scenes
• mild swearing 
• violence 
• crude humor 
• animalistic behavior

( Based Off Of Twilight, but with a slight twist )

Andley_The_Neko Andley_The_Neko Sep 24, 2016
OMG Andy's laugh is adorable not dark but IDK was that Andy?!
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Jun 18, 2016
I'm like a time bomb ticking in your head
                              Paranoia clouding your judgment
                              And no matter what you do about it, about it, about it
                              I'm still in your head!
heartshapedbiersack heartshapedbiersack Jul 06, 2016
I think I just exploded inside
                              I actually found a well written andy fic