Unique |OHSHC X Neko Reader!|

Unique |OHSHC X Neko Reader!|

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Mama-Margaret By weeaboo_Jones_9001 Updated Apr 26

This is a Ouran high school hots club x neko reader fan fiction. 


Y/N is a unique girl, she loves cats, but not only does she loves them, she is one of them! She used to be a normal house cat but one day she woke up and was a human! 

Her owners decided to keep her as not a pet but as there daughter and considering there situation they where more then happy to do so.

(Although she looks like a human her English is broken and she has cat ears and a tail.)

~I do not own OHSHC nor do I own any of the pictures~

StingLu6 StingLu6 Aug 01
Dark black hair, with blue eyes (If you think this is how I look, you're sadly mistaken, I have white hair with vivant green eyes, and before you ask no, I did not dye my hair, it's really really blonde, it is practically white. Like you can't tell that I am a blonde.)
For a sec I thought that the doctor said this
                              Doc- I'm so sorry but your daughter is the main character
                              Mom- No I'm too young to die is there something you can do.
                              (Doc pulls out a gun)
                              Doc- sorry but it must be done
StingLu6 StingLu6 Aug 01
Grey with Lilacs (don't judge me, I like grey. And I like Gray XD)
Rainbow hair Emerald Eyes Long hair XD GOR FUN
                              Also u want a daughter to flaunt off like a trophy -_-
Man I thought she would have like 50 cats I'm kind of disappointed
                              Every time people say the rose petal thing I think of the host club just throwing petals at the door and it's ridiculous.