Dark Desires

Dark Desires

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P I X I E By pixielayer Updated Jul 02, 2016

Don't be fooled by his dazzling smile or by the way his pristine hazel eyes glimmer in the reflection of the sunlight. To the naive, he may seem like a dream come true, but know there is always a beast lurking underneath ready to tear and break you limb by limb. 

He's sinful to the bone just like you would expect him to be. Luring you in only to later tear you down until you're nothing but a pile of nerves on the cold ground. He'll continuously whisper sweet nothings into your ear to make you feel like an angel. But remember, it's all a facade. For the writing is on the wall, but he can manipulate your sight to accord to his own deceptious coax. Making you fall deep into his trap until it's too late to climb back out.

My advice then is for you to hardly bite your tongue in hope for the best. For when the devil finally comes out like a silent thief at midnight, you better believe he's coming to get you next.

midmare midmare Apr 08, 2016
He's like wait (hears cries of people being tortured and burning fire).... yeah welcome to hell
XDannieXD XDannieXD Jul 30, 2016
If u ever get the chance to see halsey in concert DO IT.  She is amazing😍
missy-cat missy-cat Feb 22
                              HAMILTON ANYONE?