Horus Series Book 2: Tempting a Reluctant Mate (MxM)

Horus Series Book 2: Tempting a Reluctant Mate (MxM)

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Raynyn Maximus was a man who believed that the ends justify the means. However this philosophy had backfired when he tried to use it on his mate Evan. On the day of his mating he used a love potion to make Evan mate with him and it had resulted in a phenomenal disaster that became headline gossip in the nation of mages, Hextran. Since then Evan had barely talked to him, let alone tolerate being in the same room with him. Hundred years later, Rain finally decided to give up on his one sided unrequited love for his mate, except circumstances forced him to steal from Evan the one thing his reluctant mate could not ignore.

Evan Hunter was the richest man and the strongest healer in the kingdom of Horus. He was head of the Hunter clan, the most dominant and strongest mage clan in the nation of mages named Hextran. Evan had known Rain since he was a toddler and he had developed an instant dislike for him that had lasted throughout his childhood. Years later, he was surprised when he came to know that Rain was his mate. Evan considered himself straight. Then how was it possible that his mate was a man and none other than the very person he could never tolerate? He wanted to get rid of his conniving mate from his life as soon as possible. But his world soon turns upside down when he realized exactly what his mate had stolen from him this time.

Warning: The story contains mature content including male pregnancy. Please do not proceed to read if these themes are not to your liking.

Cover made by: TheAlev

  • fantasy
  • gay
  • humour
  • lgbt
  • yaoi
kandrea31 kandrea31 Sep 26
Lol I imagine him saying that. Rain maybe was like wtf...lmao
Skatle3 Skatle3 Aug 10
I'm already so excited to get started with this book! Rain has had a difficult life, it makes me sad.
Hikarah Hikarah Mar 16
Well HE'LL have a nice build hot face short hair you know the special
Alright just kill me... But isn't Rain the cutest most beautiful toddler ever😍😍😚😚😚😏 cuteness overload here
LarveeJ LarveeJ Dec 02, 2016
The relationship between Rain and Evan was bad from their childhood..so sad that they're mates and can't get along..
onkeyrang onkeyrang Aug 07, 2016
Ayeee...im back again to this story.
                              Even just reading the summary,,my heart already hurt,,,feeling rain's pain from his unrequited love