Manan: Love Story

Manan: Love Story

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Manik malhotra :rich handsome boy, 19 yr old

Nandani Murthy :rich simple girl, beautiful 18 yr old

Aditi Murthy: sister of nandani ,23 yr old

Cabir dhawan : best friend of manik part of fab 5 , 19yr old

Dhruv vedant :buddy of manik part of fab 5, 19 yr old

Mukti vardhan : bold beautiful girl part of fab 5, 19 yr old

Alia saxena : fashion diva..huge crush on manik part of fab 5 ,19 yr old

Navya : nandani 's friend , filmy ,19 yr old

Ruhi murthy :step sister of nandani 19 yr old

Akshay murthy :step brother of nandani, 21yr old

Harshad saxena : alia's brother , evil mind

Neyonika malhotra : mother of manik manik so much

Raj malhotra : father of manik

Varsha murthy :nandani step mom doesnt like nandani

Raman murthy :father of nandani..loves nandani and aditi...but becse of varsha...he doesnt show 

Dadi:  love ruhi and akshay more

( i know its too dificult to understand character but..aage story start hone pr...sab pata pad jayega.. i ll try my level best.....

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