Bad Blood

Bad Blood

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Meth By rneanest Updated Jun 10

Nate's mother broke his heart long before any girl had the chance to. She was the only family he had but she left him in the blink of an eye.

Nate suffered another loss when the first girl he fell in love with left him with cancelled plans and a broken heart.

All the girls in his life seems to leave him broken; so as a defence measure to protect his already beat up heart from suffering another heartache, he lives under the pretence of being a spoiled and insensitive casanova. 

He's contented with the way things are--at least that's what he tells himself.

He's convinced that being uncaring and engaging in transient relationships are enough; until an unknown girl is washed ashore in the beach that he happens to own. Before long, Nate finds himself being the enemy of numerous people--malicious and powerful people. Is he willing to risk his life for this new woman whom he has started to have feelings for? 

Every woman he cared for gave him nothing but pain and heartache; he gave so much yet received so little back. Is he willing to open up his barricaded heart and finally love again? And most importantly, is she worth it? Is she worth the risk?

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Jennsol Jennsol Mar 08
This is  so Sad. ...Why did Cassie (I like that name better) chose Jem...she should have chosen Nate
Scaninez Scaninez Apr 05
I feel really bad for Nate. I wonder if later on Nate will see Margaux again but this time with his own mate. It would be nice if they could all be happy and friendly with each other. It hurts to see Nate so heartbroken.
Pls Update!!! I love your story. And I want to know how it will end
Awwwww Nate dont cry you have all of us here for you. 
                              *gives Nate a big heartfilled hug*
Fangirl8112 Fangirl8112 May 20
I am crying so hard right now.. Why man? Why do this to him?