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River, Sun, Freedom

River, Sun, Freedom

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tigerLily_x By tigerLily_x Updated Oct 20, 2013

it's 2050, ten years after a disease affected humanity, killing most and turning most of the survivors into misshapen monsters that lust for human blood.
Jodi River and Jacob Freedom are siblings surviving on their own in the wilderness of a deserted Australia. what will happen when they meet other survivors? And what is the secret that Jodi has kept from everyone, including her own brother, that could spell death for both of them if it was found out?
(a post apocalyptic story)

adsting01 adsting01 Jan 08, 2016
I love your book and I am so obsessed with it! Like I can't put my phone down😂
RichardWeber RichardWeber Apr 25, 2012
First story i'm reading here on wattpad, was looking for a good post apocalyptic one and I've seem too have found it ;). Keep up the good work tigerLily!
vengefulkarma vengefulkarma Dec 22, 2011
I love the way your wrote this :DD This is such a captivating first chapter. 
                              Vooooted :D
rookieriter123 rookieriter123 Aug 29, 2011
@tigerLily_x lol, let's just say i know a fellow desi when i see/hear one :) LOL, btw i love who you used for Nate I wanted to use him for one of my characters but idk if he'll fit the descriptions
tigerLily_x tigerLily_x Aug 28, 2011
@rookieriter123 woah, how did you know? are you psychic? oh wait - i see (*snickers*) the cast list. lol. well, actually the original characters aren't anything like them (like damien isn't really much like hrithik roshan) but still - they were the closest people i could get to.
rookieriter123 rookieriter123 Aug 28, 2011
You're desi aren't you? Lol, your writing is awesome and very descriptive. Keep up the good work!