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Star B-Fly PHD By Hana_Natsuko Updated Mar 08

"Natsu Dragneel"

An average teenage boy who can be said just day dreaming each and every single day but the look on his face never faded... 

"Lucy Heartfilia"

A girl who is just facinated with the word music alone but unable to express those feelings due to a traumatizing past...

What if... the boy who's playing around with his friends one evening and the girl who wrote a meaningless lyrics under a shady tree... met?

The beginning lyrics starts now...


For anyone who's interested in reading this story, just so you know it's under editing and if you're reading it from the first chapter, it's not going to make any sense but don't worry. When I'm finish with the editing, I'll update it regarding this matter :)

I hope you guys will like it and don't forget to follow me ;-; Please I need charity!! Jk, have a nice day!!!

LacieStrauss LacieStrauss Nov 27, 2016
That kind of sounds like Cinderella. You know, the prince doesn't know her name, and she leaves, and he finds her with a stroke of luck…
When someone older than you has worse grammar.. Dont worry, im sure youll be better someday, author-chan
lala8OVA43ver lala8OVA43ver Aug 05, 2016
I am horribly sorry I don't mean to be rude or anything but her eyes are chocolate brown not hazel there is a slight difference
DisBKatsu DisBKatsu Feb 10
The story though.. I mean it's good but like the words are kinda messed up