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You came,

You stayed,

You played,

And all of sudden

Just flew away !!!

You said you are my friend

you said

you are for lifetime

but hey ! you just proved

there's an END IN FRIEND

And shattered my faith in no time....

Yes ! you came

you came in my life

came as a cool winter breeze

so cold

that made me freeze....

You stayed

Yes! you stayed with me

till your boredom last

then you left me

so petrified and aghast !!

You played !

you played with my senses

just like a symphony

you played it so hard

that hurted very bad

now i am crying

in agony...

You love to move

you love to fly

you never hold on

you are too busy to try...

You found new ones

you are happy and gay

you left me behind

and went away...

I am lost for words

trying to play it cool

you left me alone

making me feel like an


  • alone
  • away
  • emotional
  • fool
  • play
  • sense
  • stay
SuzyHazelwood SuzyHazelwood May 27, 2015
Well said, it happens a lot!  I never thought about end being in friend - good that one.  And friendships often fall apart, have had this too.  I harden myself a bit to those moments, otherwise they erode pieces of you.  If they want to go, let them - their loss, not yours!
- - Feb 24, 2015
I can totally relate to this poem. Some people join to break you... They leave us questioning our choices and time. 
                              Well done!
seasofme seasofme Jan 18, 2015
when will u post again...? i've been looking for something of yours to read.
cutedaisy19 cutedaisy19 Jan 02, 2015
This is one of your BEST. Hats off to you! Loved visiting your page. Enjoyed reading each and everything you've written. Hope that you'll continue writing. Best wishes. 
                              2nd Jan. 2014
                              Sheza :)
gailrunschke gailrunschke Mar 09, 2014
There is such a powerful message to a fickle friend in this piece. I have occasionally met people like this and it is better not to let them get close to you or you will end up being hurt. Thank you for sharing your emotions. Well expressed. : )  ~ Gail
__Unavailable__ __Unavailable__ Mar 04, 2014
amazing poem. kinda describes how i felt back then, I hope i could read more as good as this one