Leave Me Behind/ Daryl Dixon

Leave Me Behind/ Daryl Dixon

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"One day, your heart will stop beating and none of your fears will matter." I said, "Then you come back and you become someone elses fear."

Ever since Daryl met Madison, he felt the need to protect her. Keep her safe. He needed her to live. But, Madison always thought Daryl hated her guts. 

Madison Grimes is a sixteen year old girl whose life turned upside down when people began rising from the dead. The future belongs to the dead now. Will Madison and her friends survive? Or will the dead take over the world?

Me durning an apocalypse. Like think about all the unwritten books and the in the middle o being filmed movies
Twd should have like a famous actor pop on like LOOK I KNOW IM FREAKING ***** BUT IM NOT GONNA SING FOR YOU GO AWAY AND LET ME KILL SUM WALKERS
EJames199 EJames199 Oct 15
One of my favourite parts of Daryl - loving this so far and I'm only on the second chapter 😂😍
I love how you don't add all the information all at once and it fits together perfectly with everything. You keep adding little key details here and there. Good job
I was like not reading it USB I was reading as like ubbs (hubs with out the h)
phoebe and shelly are bffffffs irl so its nice to see them put together, plUS I LOVE PHOEBE TO DEATH SHE IS MY WIFE