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Post-Apocaplytic Aphrodisiac

Post-Apocaplytic Aphrodisiac

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deathbylaurensthighs By deathbylaurensthighs Completed

Camren Zombie Apocalypse AU, because nothing screams romance like re-animated flesh eating corpses. 

Lauren Jauregui has been traveling since the apocalypse started to find her family, desperately wanting to know if they're okay. Upon her arrival to her hometown, she ends up swept up in a group of survivors led by a mysterious leader with an ass that makes Lauren drool. Lauren is instantly interested in the elusive girl, and stealing her heart doesn't seem like too hard of a task so long as she beats the zombies to it. 

Follow the shenanigans of a very obvious dork, and a very secret dork as they kick some zombie ass, fall in love hopefully, and maybe even have hot lesbian sex, because nothing turns people on more than blood and gore. 

Cover by the always amazing and wonderful @slothtato

Ally, you have a damn sledgehammer. I'd be surprised if you haven't stolen it from the music video
I'm eating double stuff oreos 😂😂also it's the little things in life we'd miss if the apocalypse happened. I pry 😢😂
I don't think during the apocalypse is when I'd want the government/military to help me out..I've seen these movies and they never end well lol😂
I forgot her whole family was in this story...I assumed it was lauren right away 😂😂😂 she'd hate me for making assumptions....
*starts singing sledgehammer* ally lowkey triple H 😂😂😂🤔
--Incognito25-- --Incognito25-- a day ago
1st time 
                              Thursday 27 April 2017 
                              Nothing is best that reading a Camren + Zombie fanfic at late night