The Bully (An MJ Fanfic)

The Bully (An MJ Fanfic)

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[The grammar in this isn't that good. It was my first wattpad story so cut me some slack] 

Makayla Willerd is in the 12th grade, she's not very liked at school, no one likes her and they're mean to her, they bully her, etc. 

This all started because of her bully Michael Jackson. The bullying started when they were in 10th grade and kept going 'til then. Makayla doesn't know what to do anymore because she's so fed up with the bullying.

Will the bullying ever stop?

Bad era Michael but age 17

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In my school boys fight with girls like that everyone in school dose it but I don't do a fight with a boy boxing everyone dose it but I don't me and my friend don't and even in the story when boys bully girls means he likes her
You know what? My mind isn't following my imagine instructions 🌊
I don't know what that means since I use kilograms so someone please explain.
Love the story🍕 cant wait to read more💛 i ask for one favour tho, can u follow me back? Im so sorry to ask this but iv been posting for a while and im getting nothing really😥
Ohhh that's harsh but it's pretty much sexual abuse because she's a girl and he's a boy   and harassment  . But th kids who see that happen to her just laugh at her . Not cool ( even though I know it was just a story ) just wanted to tell u how I feel