Tainted Love ((An Error!Sans X Reader))

Tainted Love ((An Error!Sans X Reader))

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Dash By TheDaylightOwl Updated Dec 30, 2017

"Now then." Dark blue strings wrapped around your [F/C] soul. "What do you think you're trying to do, [Y/N]? Escape?" He let out a burst of glitchy laughter. It sent chills down your spine.

"Oh, [Y/N], if only you knew..."

This is my first X reader so I apologize if it's bad >~< I haven't seen many of these and none of the ones I saw really struck my liking so I'm making one to suit my own tastes

If you don't like, don't hate.

Error may be slightly OOC because I'm going for a Yandere-esque feel.
I apologize.

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DerpOsaurDerpOsaur DerpOsaurDerpOsaur Jun 22, 2017
Wait if there just strings doesn't it mean you could just cut the strings like we said "error cut it out". ._. *picks up scissors*
Oh I know why error is after meh
                              I HAVE NO SOUL DIS SOUL I HAVE RIGHT NOWS IS FAKES
supdawgilikeart supdawgilikeart Nov 27, 2016
Ooohhh yeah your from the timeline that I SET ON FIRE now I remember~
mack252525 mack252525 Feb 14, 2017
I like how you did this *(s)he it's so different from other stories
MelodyIsAMeme MelodyIsAMeme Feb 10, 2017
Damn it it's one of those he/she things....  Nothing against guys reading this but.. Wouldn't most girls be reading this?
supdawgilikeart supdawgilikeart Nov 27, 2016
You fuking touch me error and I will stuff a fuking turn into your mouth ya here me