Signed, Jack the Ripper (Jacob Frye x Reader)

Signed, Jack the Ripper (Jacob Frye x Reader)

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Elizabeth Strange By Elizabeth_Joyy Updated Feb 16, 2017

{Sequel to The Assassin's Partner}
!Recommended if you read it first!

London 1888

The Autumn winds swirl throughout the boroughs of Whitechapel where the screams and cries of women being brutally murdered by Jack the Ripper himself. The bloodshed he's causing made Jacob Frye and Mrs. Frye have enough of his hurtful actions, but that is till one night, Jack kidnaps Jacob, leaving Mrs. Frye clueless and hopeless till she gets help from her sister-in-law, Evie Frye.

Will she find her beloved Jacob in time before Jack gets to him first? Will Jack use her family against her own will? 

Join Evie Frye and Mrs. Frye on the quest to save her brother against the most dangerous criminal in the World...

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ScreechingLife ScreechingLife Apr 23, 2016
*clings to a random assassin* FFFUUUDDDGGEEE MAN! Reader-chan is getting hunted now. 
                              Altaïr: get her off me
                              Arno: she obviously doesnt know how to handle this, she cant even think of anything else to say. Leave her be
ILoveAnime97 ILoveAnime97 Apr 23, 2016
This is going to end very VERY badly for certain people........
gnarlymacaroni gnarlymacaroni Jun 18, 2016
Jack, lesson one in stop being a psychopath: DON'T TAKE THINGS LITERALLY
-Ganymede- -Ganymede- Apr 26, 2016
In reality Jack the Ripper is Yandere Chan from Yandere Simulator!!!! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!
Witchygirl103 Witchygirl103 Apr 23, 2016
Wait so you telling me that jack loves her/me more of a friend but he younger than her/me this is some weird bull****
ironman456 ironman456 Jan 29, 2017
Wait so Jack liked Jacobs wife? What he was 13 in assuming by the prologue