Taken By Him #WATTYS2016

Taken By Him #WATTYS2016

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Alexa Daniels is a normal seventeen year old. Brown hair, blue eyes and a shy smile, she is hardly thought of as a bad child. Her step-father, Kent Redwood, is the alpha of the Redwood pack and her older brother is next in line. The day before her eighteenth birthday, Alpha Kent is chosen to hold a meeting with the Lycans or top alphas. She is disappointed and angry and storms off up to her room.

What happens when she walks down the stairs in fluffy pink pajamas on a Saturday morning to see eight overly handsome Lycans staring at her from her dining room table? Well what would you do? Squeak and run back up the stairs probably and never show your face to them again. But their leader, Valentino Gonzalez, immediately takes an interest in her. His mate. 

Valentino takes her back to his pack, using her pack as leverage, but she does not come easily. After Kent and her mother disowns her and she is dragged off to England, he immediately regrets his decision and does all he can to get her back, but what if, after a while, she doesn't want to come back?

Fathers can go crazy for their pups, and that's just what he did.

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Vampire Diaries until Nina Dobrev left...
                              The Originals
                              The Walking Dead
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                              The 100
Is it scary I watch all of these and like nothing else ( no joke)
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Yes my fav go dc and flash is on tonight eek * she fangirls*
A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!  😆 check my story out its not done but check out what is pls and thank u
A tom named Tom!? What has the world come to! (Warrior cats reference kinda)
The author was too excited that she forgot to write Teen Wolf but that's okay...it's okay!!!