Princess of the Underground (Gaster!Sans x   Female Reader)

Princess of the Underground (Gaster!Sans x Female Reader)

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Jingle Nells By Nellie_Cake25 Updated Nov 04

[Y/N] lived with her adoptive mother Toriel for a while. How long is that? About three years. Throughout the time, the monsters in the Ruins know her as if they were her siblings. 

Flowey became way nicer each day around her, losing his soulless behavior. He cares about her so much he promise to protect her. 

All was well... 

Until she sneaked out of the Ruins. Going from Grillby's to the Librar(b)y, she went around having fun. Laws did apply, 16 being the age to leave past curfew, 18 being the age to finally date, and 21 to legally marry. 

One day, I slipped from my own mouth of the presence of a Princess...

And Asgore ordered the Royal Guard to break the door to the Ruins...

(Cover art made by Zayn-Inverse on DeviantArt)

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FireKitty21 FireKitty21 Aug 22
                              Me:I'll have to use Taro for this. But just for this I don't actually like him.
Is it just me, but when your like in a hammock and you're being rocked, it's really relaxing using this bastarda who literally said no to my best friend who asked him if he has a gf...
*eyes go reder than regular chara and SS!Chara combined* W H E R E A R E T H E K N I F E S?
IsaGraceS IsaGraceS Feb 21
Ya know I'm just gonna casually read this story in the corner while my dad ruins my social life by dancing, thank you for this story!!