Amidst Silver and Rust

Amidst Silver and Rust

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Aria Raelyn By ariarlyn918 Updated a day ago

Addison Kepner is struggling to get a grasp on life. With her roommate Keegan dating an unhinged orthorexic, promiscuous bitch, her mother suffering from early-on-set Alzheimer's and having to manage school and a full-time job, she is undeniably at the end of her tether. Life seems complicated enough, until young billionaire Mason Warfield steps in as the new CEO of Canada's multinational technology company and seemingly takes pleasure in making Addison's job as his executive assistant a living nightmare.

Mason is headstrong, domineering, self-entitled and frigid all wrapped up into one impossibly attractive package. And although Addison can't deny his magnetism, she is more concerned with Keegan and the fact that their friendship begins to deteriorate due to his relationship with his manipulative girlfriend.

 Addison can't seem to shake off the increasing jealousy that she feels over the fact that Keegan is dating somebody else. And as her boss begins to get under her skin more aggressively with each passing day, she is stunned when she finds him to be an incredibly alluring distraction and in turn, leaves her alternating between a life of bright silver and one of withering rust.

wineworth wineworth Nov 18, 2016
I know the shower was gross, but I'm more grossed out about her brushing her teeth with warm water!
xxXChatXxx xxXChatXxx Nov 20, 2016
Well I wouldn't even be comfortable showering with my sister (I don't have one tho)
MissingForever MissingForever Sep 06, 2016
Just finished reading Torn, and really really excited for the next one! I used to have a Radish account, and most of the books on there are really good, but I deleted my account due to how annoying the coins are 😅
jdschimmel jdschimmel Dec 08, 2016
Omg I just read the most updated chapter in radish! And I can't for the next one!!! Omg omg!! I love this story. Please update soon please
Honey_Nut_Sheerio Honey_Nut_Sheerio Oct 07, 2016
Wow... If my boyfriend showered with his roommate I'd be flipping my shït
CasualEclipse CasualEclipse Dec 28, 2016
i was a little confuse at first until i got it and could not stop laughing