Zap, Wham, Pow, Marriage

Zap, Wham, Pow, Marriage

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Chapter One: Boy meets Girl.

Chapter Two: Boy kisses Girl.

Chapter Three: Girl punches Boy.

Chapter Four: They get married.

Wait, what?

    I watched the movie after having read the books multiple times. I watched with my after she had just finished reading the books. We went on a two hour rant about everything wrong with the movie.
    SL_232 SL_232 Aug 23, 2016
    I liked the movie
                                  I read the books 
                                  I loved the books
                                  I hated the movie
    QuirkyBookNerd19 QuirkyBookNerd19 Nov 29, 2016
    When I live by myself, I'm so gonna yell "Honey, I'm home!" too.
    QuirkyBookNerd19 QuirkyBookNerd19 Nov 29, 2016
    Wow, this book is so amazing. I usually don't laugh out loud when something in my book is funny, but this time I did
    KrisKat1 KrisKat1 Apr 13, 2015
    @Jesse_Hemmings_ No way! It's my least favorite movie and all the actors are terrible! They didn't get Annabeth's hair or eyes rigjt at all! Why do you like it, I hate it so much!
    loverofthewerewolfs loverofthewerewolfs Apr 06, 2015
    I have read only the title and all I have to say is wow that escalated quickly can't wait to read the book :)