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BluePinetree By GF-master Updated Dec 31, 2016

The peppy and delightful Mabel Pines has had  a amazing twelve years of her life so far.  Then, her parents send her to the sleepy town of Gravity Falls for the summer to stay with her 
gargoyle Stan. And what Mabel thought was going to be a boring and uneventful summer turns into the wildest adventure of her 
quirky mermaid life. Then when it's revealed that the Stan she thought she knew had a twin 
sphinx brother, Stanford, Mabel's whole perspective changes. Life in the Mystery Shack soon continues like nothing happened, though. That is until Ford comes back from a regular flight in the woods, carrying something with him that will forever change Mabel's life. For better and for worse. 

(I own no pictures, the AU, or gravity falls) 

(P.S. Sorry I suck at descriptions)

You DID get 50% of your genes from each parent, 50% from mom and 50% from dad
Pearlbright Pearlbright May 14, 2016
so the spinx is dipper? This just gets cooler and cooler every chapter
XX_Gets_Madder XX_Gets_Madder Jul 16, 2016
Why do I get so easily hooked onto a book?
                              There will never be a answer.
Number-86 Number-86 Apr 08, 2016
Ok my phone is about to die but I don't care thanks to this chapter 😃😄
FallerFurever_Meow FallerFurever_Meow Mar 23, 2016
This was beautiful! I was honestly panicking before you mentioned the spots that made a dipper birthmark...XD