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Beauty behind sins. By Beautifulsins946 Updated Feb 05, 2017

David lost his entire pack and family during a rogue attack when he was younger. The Alpha of a neighboring pack took him in, the Alpha made him the omega of his pack and the Alpha's sons except for two of them treat David in the most unthinkable ways. 

Will David be strong enough to make it out alive under the harsh treatments he faces? 

Read to find out!!

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AnonymousThrillxx18 AnonymousThrillxx18 Sep 10, 2017
Whatever b.s. they spat about love are so wrong dude cause that's not love that's abuse n the sooner u realise it the better for u well maybe you're condition won't improve but at the very least u would be enlightened.
AnonymousThrillxx18 AnonymousThrillxx18 Sep 10, 2017
Hey don't leg go so soon man cause this whole story is about u. Don't give up. 
                              never give up on living.
AnonymousThrillxx18 AnonymousThrillxx18 Sep 10, 2017
Love is indeed a beautiful thing to have but u don't deserve their love man.
turtledeja turtledeja Mar 08, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen this is were the term "love tap" came from
You got me hooked already and I know you're going to make me angry, upset and cry like your other story I read, but you know that I love your work.  ;-)
asjain asjain Mar 08, 2016
It is interesting..👍 want more.. waiting for next update.. hope to see it soon..😉😉