Bad Boys and a Good Girl

Bad Boys and a Good Girl

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「JiLiRi 」 By -aexthetic Updated Aug 05

"Are you a virgin?"


"We'll get ready because that v card is already mine"


You've just transferred to your best friends boarding school and you couldn't have been happier.

As your best friend tours you around the school she tells you who are the popular kids, the mean girls, and the kids who are just plain...


Your best friend also tells you of some boys who don't seem like the people you would want to mess with, they call themselves the Bangtan Boys.

You, of course, try all means to avoid them, but I guess luck just isn't on your side today...

What happens when you become all of the boys 'target'? Will you survive high school? Will you too become a bad girl?

Ok I need to stop asking these questions....

Anyways I don't own BTS nor do I own you, but I do own the plot!

Please Enjoy!

jivissa jivissa Dec 02
Jin be like: well I'm utterly disappointed in u pls pray for God until he gives u frickin holy water to clean ur mind Ma dear child😂😂😂
-taebaev -taebaev Nov 05
I'm feeling sexual
                              We should be sexual
                              Sorry my classmate makes me listen to that song sometimes in class
I can hear dem panties dropping on the floor lOL JUST KIDDING HAVE A GOOD DAY PEEPS
damnhanbin damnhanbin Sep 16
What the, our school be looking like they were made since world war II.
ChuOkamiChan ChuOkamiChan 5 days ago
jivissa jivissa Dec 02
Wow interesting but hardly surprised due to the frickin fact that I do the exact same thing