Royals: Part 4

Royals: Part 4

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*Fourth Book in the Royals Series*

It's been nearly 2 years since Jackie Baker served as maid of honor in her best friend, Kate Middleton's, wedding to Prince William. Since then, Jackie has started her own fairytale, marrying Prince Harry and living the life of a Princess. When Jackie finds out she is expecting a royal baby, she begins a new journey- motherhood- all while balancing her personal life and her public role.

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ginastarnight72 ginastarnight72 Feb 26, 2016
Love your books! Please, keep making this beautiful books 😊 have a good day!
-wonderland3 -wonderland3 Feb 24, 2016
Love this so far! I think Kate's right. If your going to have her a boy like in real life. I think Jackie will have a girl 💙
resting_bitchface resting_bitchface Jun 13, 2016
I'm on it Jackie. When would you like it released your Highness?
TheGameIsOn97 TheGameIsOn97 Feb 23, 2016
That would make things easier, wouldn't it? 
                              Haha, anyway, lovely as always, darling! :)
                              Can't wait for more! :)
Jayme112234 Jayme112234 Feb 23, 2016
Jackie could always ask the other royal mothers (not Camilla) about how they handled raising a royal child