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[2] Platinum | Pietro Maximoff [Civil War]

[2] Platinum | Pietro Maximoff [Civil War]

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98% Sascasm By RoyallySarcastic Completed

It's been almost a month and a half since the destruction of Ultron and the city of Sokovia. No one has heard or seen Iris since. The Avengers begin to assume she didn't survive the fall as the days pass. However, on a rainy afternoon after a successful mission to take out a reforming Hydra base, the Avengers' lives turn upside down.
  The Avengers discover Iris isn't as dead as they thought she was.
  That's not all. After an accident on one of the New Avenger's missions, King T'Chaka of Wakanda brings up a serious concern that directly involves the Avengers and the way they work. Other issues arise and over 100 countries band together to create the Sokovia Accords. The Accords put the Avengers under direct control of the United Nations, which strips the signing members of the freedom to fight when and where they believe they are needed. Under the control of the UN, the registered Avengers are only able to go out into the field when it is deemed. However, the accords don't sit right with everybody on the team and it begins to tear friendships apart at the seams as some decide to sign the Accords. To make matters worse, a dirty bomb goes off and kills many people at the signing in Vienna. The worst part? Bucky Barnes is the one framed. Now he's the most wanted criminal in the world. But with the Accords in place, half the Avengers must sit on their hands and do nothing, while the other half tries to help Steve get his best friend back. 
  It's like a bad game of high school dodgeball -- 

[Ranked #455 in Fanfiction - 9/8/16]

Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved, @RoyallySarcastic

Kimmi-T-G Kimmi-T-G Oct 20, 2016
Hi it welcome and btw I can't text on conversations my email isn't working
genderfluid-mn genderfluid-mn Mar 09, 2016
I'm so excited for both the book and the movie! I look forward to when you start getting chapters out~ They'll be amazing ^v^ You can do this~
-goines -goines Mar 10, 2016
I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FILM! Like seriously, it's still two months until May and I don't even dare to watch the trailers because I'm afraid they'll spoil too much! :/