Saving Scout O'Brian

Saving Scout O'Brian

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Scout O'Brian hasn't had the greatest start at life. Growing up in countless foster homes, hasn't been her ideal childhood. One of the worst ones gifted her with a gorgeous little girl, and although she was young, Scout knew she'd work as hard as she could to be the best mother she could. 

In order to protect her, Scout plays it off like Charlotte is her sister. Over the years She's done odd jobs to earn money that she put away so she could leave on her 18th birthday. They've ranged from dog walking to selling drugs on the street. She's in no way proud of this, but she did what she did in order to protect herself and Charlotte. 

She's been arrested many times, in countless fist-fights protecting her "sister" from creepy foster siblings. But when she turns eighteen and finally frees her and Charlotte from their latest "Family from Hell" and books it three thousand miles all the way to Oregon, things finally start to look up. 

Until she falls for her gorgeous but mean as hell principle, and then everything she's ever known falls apart.

Oh gay little heart can't handle this many beautiful women
LoulouKing LoulouKing 6 days ago
She won me over when she said she was the little spoon lol that's exactly how I think
Great choice in music. One of my all time favourite songs and my all time favourite musician)
If her favourite colour's purple why would you go and paint her room pink? 🙁
ähm  doesn charlotte have to go to elementaryschool. she is five
Can't deal with this rn it's night and I don't want any weird dreams when I'm at my moms house 😂😂