Bite Me, Mark Me, Never Ever Lose Me (BoyxBoy)

Bite Me, Mark Me, Never Ever Lose Me (BoyxBoy)

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Bite Me, Mark Me, Never Ever Lose Me

Chapter 1



"I, um... uh... I - I want the bite."

Derek froze, hand that was lightly running through his mate's hair coming to a stop.

Stiles turned in Derek's arms, laying his head on the Alpha's chest so he could stare up in his hazel eyes. "I want the bite, Derek. I want to be like you."

"Stiles, I don't know." Derek sighed, tightening his arms around his mate's waist.

"Why not?" Stiles frowned. "I thought you wanted me to be like you."

"I do, bu-"

"And then I wouldn't be this fragile and breakable. I'd be able to withstand your wolfy strength in the bedroom too." He smirked.

Derek choked on his own breath. "WHAT!?" He spluttered.

"Oh, I know you hold back Hale." Stiles laughed.

"I do not." Derek huffed.

"Yes you do. I remember numerous times when you wouldn't fuck me harder because you were scared you were going to hurt me."


"Okay I may have went a little..."


"Yeah..." Stiles chuckled. "But," he ...

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I am literally listening to SexyBack while reading the werecat part woow
Okay so now I am Listenkng to ’Hurts like Hell' an I am already crying because I am reading while listening to it through earphones with Music on just it just goes with the Song while reading it😂