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The Burning Desire Within

The Burning Desire Within

245 Reads 13 Votes 15 Part Story
Midnight_Lily By Midnight_Lily Completed

~I felt it, the burning desire that lingered inside me. i couldn't control it, I felt my wings become tattered and change to black, I felt my red eyes darken, my hair becoming a deep reddish black. I felt my canine teeth extend, long black claws forced from my fingers where my nails used to be, a long slithering black tail had protruded from behind, the black horns that punched through the skin at the top sides of my forehead. I saw my entire skin was black. I wanted to control it, to force it back, to hide it, but I didn't want to. It had once again taken control of me, my body, my mind. Pushing my conscious to the furthest of my mind where it was clouded by the darkness that was currently exposed.~
  An angel, named SIlver Ember, is shunned by all of angel society except by a select few. Born with the colors of crimson red eyes and hair with a bronze colored skin tone, is looked at as an abomination. She lives a somewhat normal life with the exception of a horrible nightmare that haunts her dreams since she was a child until she hears a strange voice inside her mind. A voice as deadly as the plague itself. 
  While trying to figure out what's wrong with her she is suddenly pulled into spending time with Bracen, the prince of angels. She also meets a beautiful and charming merman, named Leomaris, that would make any female's heart skip a beat. She has no idea what's happening to her or what she's becoming until she has an interesting discussion with her mother. Is Silver a special angel or not even one at all? Just because she has wings means nothing. Silver has quite the battle while she struggles with love, being accepted, and control of herself.

  • angels
  • deception
  • demons
  • earth
  • hate
  • heaven
  • hell
  • life
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • mermaids
  • power
  • romance
  • underworld