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Ask and Dare Sky Media!

Ask and Dare Sky Media!

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A.HAM YOU LIL SHITS By firecomets Updated Nov 06, 2016

Yo guys it's Jay here and today I decided to force I mean ask if the guys at Sky media wanted to do a book! So here I am! Ask and Dare away children! 

Warning: Contains Swearing, and possibly Pervertedness.

uniduckface uniduckface Jun 26, 2016
                               I dare jay and lyric to try and serenade max and adam
delta-cat delta-cat Feb 29, 2016
                              are you familiar with the adorable ship called chadam (tymeine is stILL BETTER )
KatSHSLWorthlessTM KatSHSLWorthlessTM Jun 27, 2016
Adam. Here's a question for you.
                              How do you feel about Kadley?
                              Wait..did we get to the part where you found out about her being your daughter...? *mumbles*
                              Kadley: Huh??? 0.0
                              //OH MY GOD THEY KINDA LIKE DANTE, KAWAII~CHAN, AND NICOLE IN MCD---
cosmicjam cosmicjam Jun 18, 2016
Galaxy: I dare Adam and Shelby to say how they feel about each other. Their friendship, if they like each other or ever have, etc!
Amelia_E_Jones Amelia_E_Jones Feb 27, 2016
Midnight: Wow Jin
                              Quartz: *has a rainbow version of sprinkles named Skittles* Ross, Sprinkles was fed
                              Shine: I did nothing
KatSHSLWorthlessTM KatSHSLWorthlessTM Jun 16, 2016
Question thingy:
                              C-can I be your friend..? *starts backing away*