The Siren and the Pirate

The Siren and the Pirate

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BD4L By BillDipFourLife Completed

Dipper Pines: nephew to the great Stanley Pines, the Captain of the Mystery. 
Bill Cipher: Siren. What else is there to be said?
When Bill finds himself tangled in the nets of Dipper's crew, the current seems to be going against him. 

Strong Language
Mild Gore/violence)

This was written while I was still in my cringe stages. I was an idiot and ignore everything I say.
Happy reading!

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akwardturtlelife akwardturtlelife May 15, 2017
SHOUT OUT TO THE DIRTY MINDS   funding ships since pigs stopped flying
BillChipher05 BillChipher05 Aug 16, 2017
There was a storm ounce so I went out side, used my water proof phone and played music as I just sat down and let the rain fall on me.... the bad thing is that I got a cold afterwards which sucked
Storms are fun, but I like it when the Sun is blocked by dark ass clouds
deaths-little-boy deaths-little-boy Mar 18, 2017
I like the rain on my skin and listening to the crackling thunder
I really love rain and getting wet also author-chan...........BILLDIP4LIFE
PhoenixLightning PhoenixLightning Nov 13, 2017
Another fun fact of author~chan he/she created this book and another fun fact it’s funny how Dipper is one of the main characters in your book