The Siren and the Pirate

The Siren and the Pirate

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BD4L By BillDipFourLife Completed

Dipper Pines: nephew to the great Stanley Pines, the Captain of the Mystery. 
Bill Cipher: Siren. What else is there to be said?
When Bill finds himself tangled in the nets of Dipper's crew, the current seems to be going against him. 

Strong Language
Mild Gore/violence)

This was written while I was still in my cringe stages. I was an idiot and ignore everything I say.
Happy reading!

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BillChipher05 BillChipher05 Aug 16, 2017
There was a storm ounce so I went out side, used my water proof phone and played music as I just sat down and let the rain fall on me.... the bad thing is that I got a cold afterwards which sucked
Demongirl968 Demongirl968 Feb 25, 2018
Storms are fun, but I like it when the Sun is blocked by dark ass clouds
your-gothic-boy your-gothic-boy Jan 17, 2018
I really love rain and getting wet also author-chan...........BILLDIP4LIFE
PhoenixLightning PhoenixLightning Nov 13, 2017
Another fun fact of author~chan he/she created this book and another fun fact it’s funny how Dipper is one of the main characters in your book
SugarBunny1789 SugarBunny1789 Apr 20, 2018
My brother falls asleep at the Rainforest Cafe when it storms. (He is almost nine and still doesn't it)
__Little_Bear__ __Little_Bear__ Aug 17, 2017
THIS IS THE BEST!!!! I haven't found a book so well written as this where Dippers the pirate and Bills the siren!!
                              I'm super excited for the next chapters!!!!! I'm definitely following you and reading more of your books, author!!!!!!!